Siema Merlot


White wine is a wine whose color can be straw-yellow, yellow-green, or yellow-gold coloured. It is produced by the alcoholic fermentation of the non-colored pulp of grapes which may have a white or black skin. It is treated so as to maintain a yellow transparent color.

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Light brickish red, semi-translucent, medium viscosity, medium length legs On the nose: dark fruits, berries, herbs, and spices On the palette: extra dry, elegant, full-bodied, astringent. Primary notes of minerals and stones. Secondary hints of fruits and berries. Finish: long, tasty. Pairing: I liked it on its own, but would pair well with most main courses, especially spicy and meaty ones. Impression: this wine has beautifully mellowed down and the terroir has become the primary taste.

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500ml, 750ml


2012, 2014


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